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Hobbie Horse Gideon (BG)
  • Reg#: 4865
  • DOB: 09-25-1994
  • Tattoo: 92594

Mar-Pine VIking
Aldermere Ormond
Aldermere Ginger

Stonecroft Bennamin
Haystack’s Hebe
Arlyn’s Rose

Gailwen Mark Substance 10th
Mar-Pine Primrose
Aldermere Wellington
Aldermere Daphne 11
Stonecroft Leo 2-80
Stonecroft Bonnie Kate
Roll Green Boreland Max
Roll Green Pride Dove

SEMEN: $50
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Popular bull with great demand. Ex-president of the Belted Galloway Association of Sask. Canada loved this bull’s attributes. Excellent temperament. Consistent quality calves. Beautiful on the hill and you know which cows are yours.

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