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  • DOB: 03-18-2018
  • BW: 88
  • Frame: 5.8

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In God We Trust
419 Heatwave

Man Among Boys
Beat The Heat

SEMEN: $35
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  • Not only is Fur Trader ideal off both ends of his skeleton, but the added thickness and hair that he possess gives him an elite look. A standout since birth, it’s tough to build them with this much power, structural integrity and honest hip shape.

  • Fur Trader is extremely fertile, freezing high quality semen at less than a year of age.

  • Fur Trader’s dam, Roxi, is a big hipped, stout, youthful cow that is gaining popularity. Fur Trader is backed by an incredible stack of maternal-based cows.

TH - Carrier PHA - Free

Dam: Roxi

Fur Trader Full Brother

551XB02000 Fur Trader Son

Fur Trader Son

Fur Trader Full Sister

Fur Trader Son

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