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Told Ya So
  • DOB: 03-2022
  • BW: 88

Sire:  Here I Am

Dam: G8 Donor (Drivin 80 x Broker)

SEMEN: $40
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This bull is exactly what we have been searching for. Finally, a triple clean club calf sire that has so many of the extras that are usually produced from genetic defects yet he has none of them!!
We feel he can be used on carrier females but also on clean maternal pedigrees without sacrificing any of the results!! Backed by the “G8” donor at Linton Livestock that in her first year of embryo progeny raised 2 promotional sires, a heifer topping their fall sale at $20,000 for half interest and a $15,000 steer with only 6 head born in total!!
If you are searching for ways to make better livestock this bull has so many answers for multiple breeding scenarios and even registers as a 25% Maine-Anjou!!
For anyone who has ever said “You can’t get cattle that stout, hairy, big boned and wild looking without TH/PHA/DS”….we said it’s possible and it looks like we “Told Ya So”!!

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