EXAR Grenade(1/4cc)

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As of the June 2nd update of the Fall 2023 NCE among all ORIgen sires - Number 7 for Weaning Weight EPD, Calving Ease Maternal EPD and Residual Average Daily Gain EPD, Number 8 for Yearling Weight EPD and Docility score EPD and Number 10 for $Weaned calf value index and Hair Shedding score EPD EXAR Guru 8719B. The first calf crop by Grenade at America’s largest registered seedstock operation was headlined by daughters that sold for $180,000 and $140,000 and his first sons are slated to form the core of the Express pens of bulls at the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City. Grenade was this anchor bull of the 2020 National Western Grand Champion Carload of Angus Bulls offers a unique and valuable EPD profile and an outcross pedigree for many of the breed’s most popular sire lines and his dam was the $320,000 Lot 1 top-selling donor of the 2020 Big Event at Express that is now a featured donor for Deer Valley Farm and Spruce Mountain Ranch. A sire that can dramatically change the EPD profile of his progeny without sacrificing the frame size provided by their dams, Grenade is sired by the $190,000 record-setting Casino Bomber N33 that is on his way to being recognized as the top breeding son of KM Broken Bow. In the spring 2021 Express Bull Sale 28 sons of EXAR Grenade from his first calf crop sold for an average price of $8,543 and from the spring 2021 Express bull calf crop, two of the top three yearlings for URE scan were sons of EXAR Grenade a +19.0 and +19.2 square inches. His $320,000 dam, who raised him as her first calf, is the most famous and valuable daughter of the now-deceased Pathfinder Sire Sitz Top Game whose growing list of top-producing daughters also includes the dam of the $70,000 two-thirds interest EXAR Jet Fuel and the $165,000 fall 2019 Sitz top-seller Sitz Resilient. This highly fertile and truly unique breeding tool has proven to be a high conception young sire in the FB Genetics “Beef on Dairy” program where several thousand units of semen have been used with great results. Ultra-elite for Yearling Weight EPD, elite for $Combined value index, $Weaned calf value index, $Feedlot value index, $Angus x Jersey crossbreeding value index, Weaning Weight EPD, hot Carcass Weight EPD, Rib Eye area measure EPD and Docility score EPD, superior for $Beef value index, $Angus x Holstein crossbreeding value index, Hair Shedding score EPD, percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD and Residual Average Daily Gain EPD and better than breed average for PAP score EPD, weaning weight from maternal Milk EPD, Calving Ease Direct EPD and Calving Ease Maternal EPD.