AF Magnum AI 8084

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Sire selected by ABS as the $24,000 two-thirds interest top-seller of the spring 2017 bull sale at Mead Farms combines the power of two popular A.I. sires known for added growth and performance and this exciting young sire with an outcross pedigree for many ORIgen customers has a bright future and an exceptional EPD and $value index profile. A flush sister to the dam of Magnum sold half interest for $190,000 to Vintage Angus Ranch in the 2018 sale at Spruce Mountain Ranch and the grandam of Magnum is a Pathfinder Dam that has been a cornerstone donor for the Kirk family’s Atacosa Farms of Nacogdoches, Texas. Balancing an individual birth ratio of 96 with a weaning ratio of 105, a yearling ratio of 103, a %IMF ratio of 133 and a URE ratio of 111, Magnum has calves on the ground at Atacosa Farms where his A.I. conception and overall fertility has been superior. In the 2021 Spring NCE Update: NUMBER 4 at ORIgen for $Combined value index and NUMBER 5 for $Angus x Jersey index and Weaning Weight EPD and top 10 for $Angus x Holstein index, $Beef value index, $Weanedcalf value index, Calving Ease Direct EPD, Calving Ease Maternal EPD, hot Carcass Weight EPD, Docility score EPD and Residual Average Daily Gain EPD. Elite top 1% for hot Carcass Weight EPD, $Feedlot value index, Yearling Weight EPD, $Combined value index, $Angus x Jersey index, Weaning Weight EPD, $Beef value index and $Weaned calf value index, top 2% for $Angus x Holstein index, top 3% for Docility score EPD, $Grid value index and Rib Eye area EPD, top 4% for $Maternal value index and top 5% for Residual Average Daily Gain EPD.