• Baldridge Colonel C251

    Baldridge Colonel C251


Baldridge Colonel C251

Cane Codes:

Hoover Dam *16124994

Baldridge Xpand x743 +16762739

Baldridge Queen S87 15689036

Styles Upgrade J59 *16244342

Baldridge Isabel Y69 *17149410

Baldridge Isabel T935 +16746720

Current Stock:
This record setting $580,000 bull brings a complete outside the box pedigree to the table loaded with a never seen before muscle pattern. The promising part of this elite sire, in part, is due to his mother who will go down in history as one of the top Angus producers ever, Baldridge Isabel Y69. His deceased sire opens the book up for EPD excellence across the board with outcross mating flexibility. Sort his major EPD traits and you will be amazed at what little shows up for competition. Nearly any cow herd could use the muscle and body depth offered by this bull. Where he sets himself apart from most heavy muscled bulls is his athletic stride and comfort in his skeleton.