• Brooking Bank Note 4040

    Brooking Bank Note 4040

  • EA ROSE 918 - Dam of Bank Note

    EA ROSE 918 - Dam of Bank Note

  • SOO LINE ROSE 1019-Maternal sister of Bank Note

    SOO LINE ROSE 1019-Maternal sister of Bank Note


Brooking Bank Note 4040

Cane Codes:

Connealy Consensus #15513367

Connealy Earnan 076E 16969555

Brazila of Conanga 3991 839A 16246696

S A V Final Answer 0035 13592905

E A Rose 918 16460381

E A Rose 738 15892985

Current Stock:
BANK NOTE 4040 is the $125,000 phenom that we have all been waiting for. He is the performance bull that is stacked with maternal strength to increase value in both his sons and daughters. BANK NOTE 4040 is currently in the top 25% in 7 different categories and is in the top 1% for WW, YW, $F and $W, 2% for RADG, and top 20% for $B. His dam is the ideal Angus female that is impossible to fault, and she has shown her breeding potential through BANK NOTE and his maternal sister, Rose 1019. BANK NOTE daughters should be perfect uddered, moderate framed, easy doing, high volume and very complete made. From the ground up, BANK NOTE is an impressively sound individual that will add extra muscle, stoutness, and rib capacity in a very attractive package. He has won many banners in the show ring, but his true value will be as a bigtime producer for years to come.