• Connealy Armory

    Connealy Armory


Connealy Armory

Cane Codes:

Connealy Packer 547 #14843207

Connealy Arsenal 2174 *17314528

Black Rice of Conanga 9529 #16444650

Dalebanks Centennial 2526 #14251270

Ebba of Conanga 808 #15474710

E B A of Conanga 819 #13948507

Current Stock:
Armory continues to dominate in the weaning and yearling pens, and now in the pasture with his mature daughters! One of the most unique breeding options today - outcross pedigree with a huge numeric spread covering all the bases. His elite Pathfinder® Dam has 10 @ 107 WW and 10 @ 109 YW. Armory daughters are continuing the maternal legacy with a nursing ratio of 104. Armory will sire added frame, length and performance - a great choice for Final Answer, Resource & 7229 females.