Deppe SFF Full Spectrum 160

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Full Spectrum took Iowa by storm during the 2022 bull sale season in the Deppe Angus production sale. He is a big statured, wide based bull, built from the ground up on an impeccable foot and heal; just like his impressive First Class dam backed by the Barbara M84 cow. She is an absolute beast from every angle and is one that is never forgotten by those who have laid eyes on her. For a bull with his neck extension, pattern and silhouette you will be even more appreciative of his big square hip and extra pin width from behind. Full Spectrum really hits all aspects of the business and can be used on multiple breeds to make high quality cattle with form and function. Full Spectrum’s first progeny are promising and have his same great style and balance with mass and bone. Phenotype and Genotype at its finest. He should be a must use sire for 2023.