Hoffman Thedford

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Connealy Black Granite #*17028963 [RDF]

Bar R Jet Black 5063 *18389838 [RDF]

Bar R Iris Anita 0113 16858609

KG Solution 0018 #*16796888

HA Rito Lady 3839 #17651108

HA Rito Lady 0622 16755558

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The first Thedford calves are yearlings and there is much to be excited about with this junior sire. His heifers are feminine and correct, and his sons are stout and masculine. Thedford is the highest HP Jet Black son in the breed and the only bull to blend his levels of calving ease, performance, and $Combined traits. Use this sire as a docility improver who will add a notch of stature, and loads of performance to your next calf crop.