Laflins Marvel 1801

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Laflins Marvel 1801 Champion 2019 Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska State Fairs, Class winner 2020 NWSS We purchased this bull because we thought he was unique to the Angus bulls of today. We wanted a bull that would sire muscle (17.4” REA/365days) and uniquely carries more muscle through his hip, rump, and round to match that huge top. Rather unique today. To sire steers or bulls popular with registered and commercial breeders. He has width of top and Wide based with some twist. We wanted a bull that could sire daughters that would make tremendous cows. To sire females with enough width, depth, and constitution to keep easily. Examine the strength of his pedigree for maternal traits and look at his mother and that should tell you what you need to know. We wanted a bull with neck extension to sire feminine females. We wanted a bull that would be sound. Proclaimed by judges and cattlemen across the country as sound, free moving, good footed. We wanted a bull with extreme eye appeal that could sire attractive, clean fronted, clean chested, clean sheathed and underline, and great topped. We wanted a bull that could do it all, and sire complete cattle of either sex, work for all phases of the show ring, maternal side, bull sales, and the sale ring. We think he’s unique in these aspects. As the winner at 3 state fairs and one of the most talked about bulls in Denver, cattlemen across the country think so too.