MGR Treasure (Sexed Ultra 4m)

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A A R Ten X 7008 S AAAA

V A R Discovery 2240AAA

Deer Valley Rita 0308AAA

Connealy ImpressionAAA

SJH Impression of 6108 1614AAA

DRMCTR 1I1 Rita 6108AAA

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Treasure is arguably the most exciting sire to sell in 2016 and is truly a rare and valuable "Genetic Treasure." Only once in several years does an individual come along with Treasure's blend of genetic predictions in tandem with near flawless phenotype and structure. Use Treasure to take your breeding program to the next level with many traits in the top 1% of the breed without sacrificing sheath, scrotal or foot quality. His EPD script reflects a genomic profile with scores of 1 for WW and YW, 4 for CE, BW and CW, and 8 for MARB and TEND plus incredible individual performance that Includes a 131 IMF ratio.