Riverstone Vegas 49H

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Contrary to his name, this Angus sire is a sure bet. Legitimate, quality, real world beef, with all the extras. This monstrous boned outcross is remarkably smooth and seamless in his design, which is impressive considering the amount of sheer product and power he totes around on such a fluid and flexible set of running gear. If you want to make cattle that have the structure today’s critic’s search high and low for, with the body volume and capacity any cattleman can appreciate, and still carry an explosive amount of skeletal width and dimension, then say no more, and get a rack of Vegas semen. This sire combines all the fundamentals with a commanding look, on a tall, attractive front end structure that’s still laid back in the angle to his shoulder and knee with as much reach and comfort as you could dream of. I can’t put into words just how large and dense his bonework is, not to mention the ideal shaped, clydesdale sized feet he stands on, and his immense hair quality (before the slick job). Originating from the breeder’s that brought one of the winningest and most productive matriarchs in recent history, Riverstone Charmed 50C (Larissa), the Limousin donor that garnered the only mother/daughter duo to win Supreme honors on the green chips in Louisville. Possibly the most intriguing aspect Vegas brings to the table, besides his wildly impressive phenotype, is the versatility and utility his maternally driven outcross pedigree brings to the table. Use him back on all those First Class, Style, Primo, 24 Karat, and Lutton derived pedigrees without sacrificing look and injecting a shot of power, or utilize him on any angus cow to amplify the bone and product with a better haircoat and build. The sky’s the limit in terms of usability.