STAG Fortunate Son 233

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We knew that Good Times was destined to be a female maker but the bulls are coming on hot and this spring you will see them in full force! They have power, the rib, the design, and the look that you simply do not see in Angus cattle. The first one we are putting our Name on is the great Fortunate Son, he is no fluke and was bred to be great. His dam Nord Lucy was Champion Supreme Champion Junior Heifer Champion Angus Heifer at the American Royal in 2019, Reserve Angus Female in both the NWSS Open and Junior Shows, and Reserve at the Junior Nationals for the Stagemeyer family, huge accomplishments in perhaps the most difficult and competitive breed in the industry. She hails from the famous 1125 who is known for making cookie cutter females with that extra look, power, and quality. Nord Lucy is the ideal size, some show cattle are to big, and to raw for the real world, she isn’t, Nord’s are from North Dakota where cattle have to be real world, they have have to be able to withstand the elements and be practical, this is perhaps the most intriguing part of this great young sire. Fortunate Son stands as one more piece to the puzzle in making the kind of cattle that are demanded at a premium. The look and power to compete in the show ring and the complete, mass, body, and doablity to work in the real world.