Stevenson Big League 70749

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[ AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OHF-OSF ] Top 1% for $Beef value index, $Weaned calf value index, $Feedlot value index, Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD, hot Carcass Weight EPD and Residual Average Daily Gain EPD, top 4% for Calving Ease Maternal EPD, top 10% for Docility score EPD, top 20% for Calving Ease Direct EPD and better than breed average for Birth Weight EPD and percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD Stevenson Big League recorded the heaviest weaning weight in the 70-year and four-generation history of Stevenson Angus Ranch, weighing 1,340 pounds at 10 months of age when he sold two-thirds interest for a new Stevenson record of $221,000 with his flush brother Stevenson Declaration following him to sell for two-thirds interest for $120,000. The next step forward from his sire that came to the top of the population with the updating of genomic enhancement with the single step process, this exciting young sire with a double-digit Calving Ease Direct EPD combines all the traits of economic importance and carries on his sire’s tradition of $Beef value excellence. Like his high volume flush brother, Big League offers a pedigree of outcross genetics for nearly all of the widely-used sire lines in the Angus breed and his highly productive young dam is the result of mating a Pathfinder Sire to a Pathfinder Dam and her first two natural calves have an average weaning ratio of 117, an average IMF ratio of 117 and an average URE ratio of 122 with her only yearling recording a ratio of 122 to carry on the family tradition of her Pathfinder Dam with 5 calves that have an average weaning ratio of 110 and her grandam that weaned nine calves with an average ratio of 107. Stevenson Big League is a classic example of the exceptional progress in total performance possible from the combination of genomic enhanced EPD data, advanced reproductive technology and shortening generation interval!